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Lozza evokes not just a great personal, family and company success but also the beginnings of one the most interesting achievements of Italian industry.
A small group of men founded the Empire of Glasses. Developing their own technologies, with their tenacity and inventiveness stemming the flow of emigration to which most of the population of Cadore was doomed.
In 1878 Giovanni Lozza and two partners, both street vendors of glasses, set up a factory and slowly persuaded friends and relatives to open shops and sell them in various parts of the Veneto.
On the dissolution of this company Giovanni Lozza continued alone, constructing machinery for glasses sold wholesale.
In June 1912 the firm of Lozza was officially founded as a mechanical workshop.
Between the wars the company opened a branch at Salò and two warehouses in Rome and Milan. The success of its founders was also recognised by international and recognition of its achievement as an example of enterprise worldwide.
After World War II, in 1946, a number of models become successful, the outstanding example being Zilo Sport, the epitome of Lozza spectacles, designed in 1940.
Combining plastic and metal, which united the warmth of celluloid with the technology of the metal frame, they enjoyed a huge success that was unprecedented at the time: millions of pieced were sold and they won a fashion Oscar in the sixties.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items